Why Reshore

The massive U.S. trade deficit is a major cause of the decline of U.S. manufacturing over the past several decades, the high unemployment rate and debilitating budget deficit. Domestic suppliers have watched as large manufacturers have offshored work and well-paying jobs. Offshoring ultimately contributes to waste and instability.

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Get Involved

Help bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States by getting involved in the Reshoring Initiative. From becoming a sponsor or volunteer, to sharing your real-world success stories, there are several ways to help the Reshoring Initiative.

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Submit a Case Study

Share your company's reshoring success story and be featured in future Reshoring Initiative presentations and on this website. All OEMs, contract manufacturers, distributors and exhibitors are encouraged to submit their case studies.

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What Sponsors Are Saying

"The library is a terrific resource." - Freelance Journalist in the Kansas City, MO area
"The world is constantly changing. It makes sense to re-evaluate the costs of overseas production. The Reshoring Initiative’s Total Cost of Ownership system is a great tool that could yield some unexpected results. Reshoring cannot only save manufacturers money, but it creates American jobs, promotes economic growth and strengthens national security as well." - Doug Woods, President, Association of Manufacturing Technology

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